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Suzanne Cloud: With A Little Help From My Friends

Quite a unique outing from singer/lyricist Suzanne Cloud, who has long graced the Philadelphia scene with her talents. From the witty satirical message of «Hey Kenny, Gee» through the

Cedar Walton

» data-original-title=»» title=»»>Cedar Walton standard «Bolivia» to the lyrical and expressive ballad «Impossible,» this 1995 recording crosses quite a few boundaries.

As a lyricist, Cloud is able to capture the humor in different aspects of society, such as Talk Radio, the UFO watch, politics, the Kenny G versus jazz controversy, «Barbie & Ken» good looks, and much more. As a singer, she combines her vocal strength with the able backing of her «friends» to deliver the melody on target. Her lovely voice is best featured on «Impossible» and again on «For Tomorrow.»

Cloud’s strong alto voice, reminiscent at times of

June Christy
June Christy

voice / vocals
1925 – 1990

» data-original-title=»» title=»»>June Christy, pours the lyrics of «Impossible» out of a bottle, backed by her able piano trio. Tributes to golden jazz masters, «Bolivia» and «Dear Monk,» convey appropriate feelings of respect along with the elemental nuances from history.

The instrumental accompaniment varies, and all are stellar «friends.» Standouts include

Denis DiBlasio
Denis DiBlasio

saxophone, baritone

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